Melisa kindelan Is a Top Woman in Media & Ad Tech 2024

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Celebrating Innovation and Leadership: Melisa Kindelan Wins the Programmatic Storyteller Award at the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards by AdExchanger and AdMonsters


In recognition of her expansive contributions to digital advertising, Melisa Kindelan, our Head of Sales & Business Development, has been honored with the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Award (AdExchanger and AdMonsters) in the category of Programmatic Storytellers.


A Storied Career in Digital Advertising

Melisa’s career is a testament to her deep understanding of both the technical and business sides of digital advertising. She has been instrumental in integrating cutting-edge technology with market strategies that resonate on a global scale. Her foresight in leveraging data management platforms to enhance customer engagement and retention ahead of industry norms exemplifies her proactive approach.

Melisa’s digital advertising journey began in 2000 at DoubleClick, during the early stages of digital marketing technologies. Over the years, she has held pivotal roles, from sales and product management to leading programmatic teams across Europe. While working with MediaMind, she introduced pioneering Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for Movistar in Spain, setting a benchmark for personalized advertising.

As the Head of the Programmatic Team in Spain at Accuen, Omnicom Media Group’s center for excellence for programmatic advertising, she led the team that managed programmatic advertising for Nissan, Renault, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and PlayStation. Her leadership skills were instrumental in boosting programmatic investments, demonstrating a keen ability to strategize and execute with unmatched precision and creativity.


2024 TOP WOMEN IN MEDIA & AD TECH melisa kindelan brave admonsters adexchanger

Melisa Kindelan at Accuen, OMG, 2014


In the last seven years, Melisa has held senior sales and account management positions at SSPs, Demand-Side Platforms, and Customer Relationship Management platforms Fyber, Salesforce, and Bid Machine.


2024 TOP WOMEN IN MEDIA & AD TECH melisa kindelan brave admonsters adexchanger salesforce

Melisa Kindelan and the Salesforce team, 2019


A Programmatic Storyteller from the First Chapter

Melisa’s recognition at the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders in digital advertising. Her journey underscores the importance of innovation, resilience, and clarity in one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. Her capacity to weave the technical aspects of ad tech with strategic marketing objectives, ensuring all stakeholders grasp the impactful nuances of programmatic initiatives, makes her a standout in the Programmatic Storyteller category.


Melisa Kindelan Amir Sharer Sacha Glasroth BRAVE

Melisa Kindelan with the BRAVE Team, 2024


Hosted in New York City, the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards spotlight the trailblazing efforts of women who are shaping the future of media and advertising technology. These awards, as described by Lynne D. Johnson, Content Director of AdMonsters, and Sarah Sluis, Executive Editor of AdExchanger, not only recognize achievements but also set a standard for leadership, mentorship, and innovation in the industry.

For more details on the award and the gala, please visit the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards page.