BRAVE at PocketGamer Connects London 2024

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By: Melisa Kindelan


If you’re part of the gaming or ad tech industry, we strongly recommend penciling in at least one PocketGamer Connects event on your calendar annually. The impressive lineup of speakers and the unique atmosphere consistently draw the most intriguing individuals in the gaming industry. This year’s PocketGamer Connects London was a fantastic opportunity for the BRAVE team to connect, strategize, and gain an insider’s perspective on the trends shaping the upcoming year.

Picture this: Major publishers, indie studios, and monetization wizards, all gathered under one roof. It was a whirlwind of insights, connections, and sneak peeks into the best offerings of 2024. Like an all-you-can-play gaming buffet.

So we’ve decided to provide you with a quick tl;dr of this insightful experience. If you wish to pick our brains, feel free to drop your questions here.

Amidst our meetings, we were drawn to thought-provoking panels, such as The Mobile Marketing Survival Guide, offering insights on navigating new industry trends. Roberto Kusabbi, King’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, shared valuable insights on the challenges in a post-ATT world. It’s inspiring to watch legacy games like Candy Crush leading the game even 12 years after its inception. According to Kusabbi, the key to staying relevant with high engagement rates and stable LTV is the user-centric approach. 



Alongside the gaming giants, it was the indie studios that stole the spotlight, particularly in the VR/AR games realm.

Conversations that Shape the Gaming Landscape

While the panels and presentations were excellent, the true essence of the event lay in personal conversations with professionals across the gaming spectrum. We had some interesting conversations about the 2024 roadmaps of game studios. 

Two meetings—one with the CEO of a Spain-based studio and the other with a VP of Marketing at an international mobile game developer—highlighted the potential of brand ads within mobile games. Although performance ads with short-term results drive gaming monetization, strategically crafted ads designed to build deeper user relationships make a significant contribution to a publisher’s reputation and can even enhance the player experience. A prime example of this is Kellogg’s interactive Pringles in-app ad.

Another intriguing conversation was with a Partnerships Director at a large DSP who revealed their emphasis on omnichannel for their 2024 strategy. Despite the universal appeal of omnichannel strategies, advertisers must ensure they connect with exclusively selected inventories to maintain the level of IVT protection observed in their in-app ads when expanding into CTV, web, etc.

Despite the universal appeal of #omnichannel, #advertisers must connect with selected inventories to maintain the same level of #IVTProtection observed in their #InApp ads when expanding into #CTV, web, etc. Share on X

One of the highlights at PocketGamer Connects London was meeting the Anzu team just days after announcing our partnership. Meeting Michael Smith and Jascha Maijer in person for the first time, and getting to know the other team members, provided us with a broader perspective on the potential the BRAVE-Anzu partnership holds.

Attending industry events is a cornerstone of our approach at BRAVE. We recognize the profound impact of in-person interactions in uncovering avenues for growth. The BRAVE team prioritizes participation in conferences and events, emphasizing our belief that authentic connections and opportunities thrive in these environments.

See you at the next event!

BRAVE at PocketGamer Connects London 2024 king games

PocketGamer Connects London: A whirlwind of insights, connections, and sneak peeks into the best offerings of 2024