The future of
programmatic advertising

Using AI Algorithms to optimize media delivery in real-time,
we deliver over 110 Billion monthly auctions to 650 million active users.

BRAVE's fully transparent and omnichannel platform enables brands and premium publishers to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity. We aim to provide the most direct link between media buyers and sellers to ensure quality and transparency through the ecosystem. This led us to create one of the most complete platforms in the industry and being trusted as one of the top mobile SSPs.
Amir Sharer
Founder & CEO | BRAVE
2023 Programmatic Trends
Sellers & Publishers
We connect publishers to global demand through an efficient and transparent marketplace
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Buyers & Brands
We allow advertisers to target audience with their choice of data currency, across any platform.
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We Make Ad Monetization Simple

In today’s online advertising world, reaching an engaged audience is more critical than ever before. Our ad exchange enables media owners to grow revenue and marketers to reach consumers on any device, screen, and through any ad format.


Our technology powers ads that make advertising better for everyone – higher performing for brands, more lucrative for publishers and more respectful of the consumer’s experience.
We operate data centers around the world to minimize latency and ensure a seamless consumer experience. This gives us full control over our auction capacity and speed to respond to bid requests and creating operational efficiencies that boost performance.

Our Formats

Every advertiser has different goals. Find the right format for your campaign and we'll help you build it from start to finish.

Quality Is Our Priority

Our dedicated team of professionals carefully curates all of the inventory and creatives passing through our exchange to ensure the ad ecosystem is as safe and transparent as possible for our brands and publishers
Strict Processes
Each new publisher signs a commitment to our quality policy to make sure that the whole chain is safe and secure
Dedicated Team
Our quality team works around the clock to enable programmatic buyers to operate with confidence
Creative Scanning
Our real-time, automated solutions track and scan every creative to ensure all contentious ads are filtered out before they get displayed on our publishers properties
Committed to Standards
BRAVE is an industry leader, implementing the latest quality market initiatives, like ads.txt & s-chain compliance

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